Community Education and Awareness Programs

Teaching our communities to prevent sexual violence before it happens is the purpose of WOAR’s psychoeducational groups. Working with children, youth and adults, psychoeducational groups promote critical thinking to which promotes mutual respect, healthy lifestyles, safe decision making, healthy consent, and active bystander engagement.

Single-session workshops provided to Community Organizations:

  • Parents in the Know (4-session workshop)
  • Sexual Violence 101 and Prevention
  • Topics included are: WOAR services Overview, Sexual Violence in Seniors, Homeless, Females, Males, LGBTQ community, Drugs, Gender Violence, and Suicide
  • Child Sexual Assault Prevention and Incest
  • Psychosexual Development and Safety skills
  • Childhood Traumas and the Family Role
  • Developing Resilience during Pregnancy/Sexual Violence Prevention.
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Bullying
  • Internet Dangers for Children and Teens
  • Sexual Violence in people with special needs
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