WOAR 24 Hour Hotline: 215-985-3333

Counseling & Support

Counseling & Support

WOAR provides free individual and group counseling to children and adults who have experienced sexual violence: this includes sexual abuse, sexual assault, rape/date rape, and incest.  It doesn’t matter if the trauma occurred yesterday or 40 years ago. We work with people of different gender identifications, cultures, ethnicities, and abilities.

People seek counseling for many reasons:

  • Feelings of anger, confusion, fear, sadness
  • Disruptive thoughts of the trauma that don’t go away
  • Avoiding things and situations that are trauma reminders (and sometimes more)
  • Problems at work or school
  • Growing concerns about a child’s challenging behaviors
  • Relationship conflicts
  • Sexual difficulties
  • Sleep disturbance and other health problems

If you identify with any of these problems, the good news is that you are not alone, and the Counseling staff at WOAR can help.

Call our 24 Hour Hotline to access our services.

While our Hotline operates 24/7, WOAR’s office is open Monday-Friday 9-5pm. Evening appointments are based on staff availability and can be made by arrangement. Once counseling begins, the scheduling of ongoing sessions is the responsibility of the client and Counselor.

The Counseling Process

WOAR has highly trained Master’s level counselors that help people heal from sexual abuse. Trauma-focused counseling is different than long-term therapy. At WOAR, it describes a time-limited approach that primarily addresses the abuse – its emotional, behavioral, and relationship effects; as well as reducing their impact… it’s about moving on from the trauma. We use different methods: talking about thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; practicing how to manage strong emotions; working through memories; learning how our brains and bodies respond to (and heal from) trauma, and more. This type of counseling often features activities that exercise different ways of sensing and expressing – journaling, art, music, movement, yoga, and more.

Counseling approaches and techniques differ for adults, teens, and still children. For more information about this, check out Adult Services, Teen Services, Children’s Services, and Parent Services, or For friends.


The bottom line is that, if you, or someone you care about, is struggling with problems related to sexual violence, professional help is available, either through WOAR or other providers. In addition to our Hotline (215-985-3333), health insurers, mental health providers, and employee assistance programs are other sources of services.

For additional information, refer to our Resources