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Adult Counseling Services

Adult Counseling Services at WOAR

It’s common for people who have experienced sexual violence to have distressing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are related to trauma.  Some people heal rapidly and may turn to friends, family, and others for support. For others, the healing may take longer and professional help can be an important additional support.

After a sexual assault, people have different responses: some experience trauma-related problems right way, others may not feel very different (or feel ‘out of it’), and for some people, problems linked to trauma emerge later on – and sometimes it can be many years.

If you have experienced sexual assault, know that you are not alone!  The coping and healing process is different for everyone… there is no right or wrong way, although at WOAR we have found that talking about your experience with a person you trust is a healthy start.

WOAR Counseling Services

WOAR provides free counseling services to kids and adults (all genders) who have experienced sexual violence.  Counseling sessions, whether individual (1:1) or group, are focused on your sexual abuse, as well as its effects on day-to-day living, relationships, and how you see yourself.  The main objectives are to help you feel better, to learn how trauma affects us, and to develop a “toolbox” of tips and strategies to deal with it.  Our Counselors are Masters-level WOAR clinicians who have special training in trauma-focused counseling. Most 1:1 sessions are about 1 hour, once a week; our groups are usually 90 minutes and occur weekly.

Please call WOAR’s Hotline (215-985-3333) to learn more our counseling services. The demand for these services is high: if a Counselor is not immediately available, there will be a wait for the service to begin.