WOAR 24 Hour Hotline: 215-985-3333

Crisis Services

Crisis Services

If you, or someone you care about, has experienced sexual violence, we are here to help.

Crisis Services Get HelpSexual violence includes sexual abuse, sexual assault, rape/date rape, and incest.  WOAR’s specially trained Hotline crisis counselors provide support, answer questions, and can provide referral guidance to the right services.

It doesn’t matter if the sexual violence happened a few hours ago, or 40 years ago.  Regardless of gender or disability, anyone who has experienced this type of trauma (or is concerned about someone who has) may call WOAR’s Hotline (215-985-3333).

Our Hotline staff also explain and coordinate requests from Philadelphia residents for free WOAR services:  trauma-informed counseling, court accompaniment, and a wide array of education and prevention services.

Refer to the Counseling page for more information.

WOAR Crisis Services

WOAR Crisis Services 24-7 Help24-Hour Crisis Hotline: 215-985-3333

The Hotline provides support, information, referral guidance, and the coordination of requested WOAR counseling services.

Medical  Accompaniment

WOAR crisis counselors or advocates may provide support to a survivor at PSARC who is receiving a rape exam (see above).

If you have recently been sexually assaulted, see What to do if You Have Been Raped.