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lotus. is an educational program funded by the Department of Justice and the Office on Violence Against Women in order to create a broad, LGBTQ-competent resource network to ensure that LGBTQ victims and survivors of sexual violence feel safe, supported, and liberated in accessing related services.

The lotus. program is a collaboration between WOAR and The Mazzoni Center to provide sexual violence and LGBTQ best practices pieces of training for organizations and individuals supporting, treating, and advocating for LGBTQ victims and survivors. The lotus. program additionally provides training within LGBTQ communities to educate members about safe, supportive, and liberating resources available for victims and survivors of sexual assault.

Does your organization or business support, treat, and advocate for the LGBTQ community or those who have experienced sexual violence?

If so, the lotus. program provides trauma-informed LGBTQ best practices which can be customized to the specific needs of each business or community organization.

Interested or have questions regarding the lotus. program please contact Education Specialist, Quinn Pellerito at lotus@woar.org