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Psychoeducational Groups

WOAR Psychoeducational Groups

Psycho-educational groups build upon concepts which strengthen resiliency skills and increase safety factors which contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Groups are conducted in 6-week and 8-week cycles.

Safe Dates Prevention Program For Dating Abuse

For youth ages 10-19. Safe Dates is an evidence-based curriculum that is designed to support the prevention of dating abuse which often involves the use of drugs, alcohol and other substances. Safe Dates helps teens recognize the difference between caring, supportive relationships and controlling, manipulative and abusive dating relationships.

Expect Respect

For youth ages 12 to 18. Expect Respect addresses gateway behaviors which can escalate into acts of bullying, harassment and sexual harassment. Expect Respects promotes healthy dating relationships and healthy lifestyles.

Building Healthy Relationships

For youth ages K-12. Building Healthy Relationships is an educational and entertaining curriculum which teaches participants assertiveness skills, conflict resolution skills and healthy decision making skills.

Girls In Real Life Situations

For females ages 11 to 18. Girls in Real Life Situations develops self-esteem, promotes conflict resolution skills, goal setting and healthy decision making skills.

Owning Up

For youth ages 11 to 18. Owning Up provides direction to trouble teens who engage in acts of violence upon others. The curriculum fosters empathy and works with teens to develop healthy behaviors.

Today’s Boys – Tomorrow’s Men (TBTM)

For males ages 10 to 18. TBTM supports healthy male development and socialization skills.