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Latino Outreach Professional Training

WOAR’s Professional Training

WOAR’S Latino Community Outreach Professional/Staff Development

WOAR’S community outreach professional development workshop are for: mental health professionals, they can be clinicians, social workers, counselors, among others and community promoters, teachers, volunteers and general public.

Sexual Assault Counselor Training (SAC)

This 40 hour training (in Spanish) focuses on the methodological intervention model of the Crisis Center (WOAR) Women Organized Against Rape, for the advocacy of victims of violence and sexual assault. We will analyze; the culture of the oppression, mythology of violation, crisis interventions, different intervention models/approaches, and the therapeutic follow up with survival victims. Also, we will analyze cases to formulate treatment plans.

For more information contact our Latin Department at 215-985-3315 extension 181.

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