Primary Prevention to Prevent Sexual Violence

Teaching communities to prevent sexual violence before it happens is the purpose of WOAR’s psychoeducational groups. Working with children, youth and adults, psychoeducational groups promote critical thinking which promotes mutual respect, healthy lifestyles, safe decision making, healthy consent, and active bystander engagement.

Psychoeducational groups range from four-sessions to eight sessions.

K to 6th Grade

  • Care for Kids
  • Building Healthy Relationships

7th to 12th Grade

  • Love Is Not Abuse
  • Building Healthy Relationships
  • Bringing in Bystander- High School Edition
  • Young Women’s Lives
  • Young Men’s Lives


  • Parents In The Know
  • Moving On

For more information and to schedule trainings, complete the online Program Request Form or contact Michael Kellerman at 215-985-3315, ext. 177.