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Safe Bars Philly

Do you want to be known as a Safe Bar?

Become certified as a Safe Bar in Philadelphia and recognized for helping to reduce the risk of sexual harassment and assault in our city.

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WOAR certified staff will train you to:

  • Identify harassment and other inappropriate behaviors
  • Respond to problematic and abusive behaviors by safely and effectively intervening
  • Promote a culture of respect, safety & support for all
For more information and to schedule trainings, complete the on-line Program Request Form or contact the Education and Training Department at (215) 985-3315, ext. 180.  You can also fax in your request to the Education and Training Department at (215) 985-9111.

Bar owners & managers, what’s in it for you?

Bars, clubs, and restaurants trained by Safe Bars reap many benefits.

  • Promotion: Safe Bars promotes bars that have taken the training on our website, social media, and pamphlets. We also provide you with a Safe Bars window decal to enhance your bar’s image as a welcoming place.
  • Customer + staff satisfaction: As a Safe Bar, you show your customers and staff your commitment to providing a safe and welcoming environment.
  • Staff preparedness: As a Safe Bar, your staff has a greater range of strategies to use in addressing unwanted sexual aggression directed at themselves or at patrons. With staff more able to notice and deal with problems early, sexual aggression can be stopped before getting to the point where you need to file an incident report.
  • A better bottom line: Customers who have positive experiences are more likely to return and to tell their friends. On the other hand, even one patron who has a bad experience and leaves with their friends can cost $1,000 in lost tabs over a year. Also, as a Safe Bar, you can prevent the bad PR that comes with an incident – which can be devastating!

It’s easy! Safe Bars is a staff training that you don’t have to plan or present. WOAR staff facilitate a conversation among your staff about which behaviors are okay and which are not, laying the groundwork for a formal or informal policy.

All of our trainings are customized to fit your staff, your business, and its culture. We don’t tell your staff what to do; rather, we build on their skills to create a safer and more welcoming establishment.

Does It Work?

Safe Bars builds on the success of similar programs in Washington DC, Arizona and Boston. Research shows that bartenders, bar staff, and young adults who patronize bars are key groups to address in preventing sexual violence. And bars that have completed Safe Bars trainings have used the Safe Bars skills!

Join Us!

If you work at or own a bar, club, restaurant, or other alcohol-serving establishment and you’d like to become a Safe Bar, we’d be happy to come and work with your staff.

The Safe Bars program was developed by Safe Bars DC.