Sexual Assault on Campus

A college campus can be a wonderful environment for learning, fun and personal growth. However violence can occur within the walls of a university just as it can on a dark street corner.  If you or a friend has been assaulted on a college or university campus you have every right to be safe, report it (if you wish) and receive support.

Campus Assault - Stop RapeIt is important to remember that reporting an assault to your school is different from reporting to the police. If you want to report the assault to local police you must call 911 or go to your local police department.

Know all your rights under the Title IX Education Amendment, which requires your school to address sexual violence. Click here for the document from the Department of Education.

Federal law requires that universities must provide many things to an individual who is reporting a sexual assault including:

  • Responding promptly to the report
  • Informing you of the policies & procedures of the reporting process
  • Conduct an investigation
  • Offering you confidential counseling & support services both on and off campus

All universities who receive federal funding are required to report their crime statistics. This information is made publicly accessible through the university’s annual security report.

Some helpful resources on campus sexual assault are available here:

The Center for Public Integrity posts various articles and information about campus assault:

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center carries a wide array of resources for survivors and campus administrators about the laws, statistics and prevention efforts:

Learn more about the Jeanne Cleary Act a consumer protection act enacted in 1990:

Visit our Crisis Services and If You Have Been Raped pages for more information about medical and support services. Our pages on Court Accompaniment & Common Legal Questions will also help answer any questions about the legal process.