Congratulations and welcome to the Social Media Ambassadors Program. This Social Media Ambassadors Guidebook will provide promising practices for social media usage and a code of conduct for posting content. By using the fast-response and far-reaching nature of social media technologies, a Social Media Ambassador (SMA) will build relationships with members in the anti-violence movement while updating and engaging communities in WOAR’s mission-driven efforts. WOAR is committed to ensuring SMAs benefit from this volunteer experience by: increasing their social media networks, building networking and communication skills, and providing access to up-to-date information on the anti-sexual violence movement’s progress in Philadelphia.

WOAR Social Media Principles

First and foremost, WOAR always refers to our editorial purpose to advance the dialogues around sexual violence in a collaborative and respectful way. We apply these principles to our communications in both traditional and social media platforms and consider SMAs a critical part of this process and of these messages.

The following is an outline of the values and principles WOAR and Social Media Ambassadors should display when engaging in social communications.

Interactions are genuine. Validity and authenticity are important qualities for all social media conversations and messaging. WOAR staff and members hold themselves to this standard when engaging social media networks. This includes using language that is positive, affirming and presented accessibly for a broad range of audiences.

Roles are transparent. SMAs disclose their relationship with WOAR during related social media interactions. These efforts reinforce authentic exchanges and genuine interactions.

Discretion and privacy are paramount. WOAR and its SMAs do not share personal information (e.g. personal email addresses, personal home location or region, client survivor history or experiences, etc.) and work towards protecting the privacy and confidentiality of the organization, program members, and allied professionals.

Rights are considered. Respect is given to copyright and authorship is credited appropriately. No materials, including those produced by WOAR, are used without the necessary permissions.

Communication has intention. Each individual is responsible for their own words and actions. When creating or sharing content, use good judgement and be clear about the reason information is being shared.

Respect is clear. Being a Social Media Ambassador for WOAR is a commitment and privilege; it is important to remember to participate with the other social media users not only in an informative way, but also in a respectful manner. All contributors will respect the opinions and viewpoints of others and not engage in harassment or discrimination of any kind.