WOAR 24 Hour Hotline: 215-985-3333

Categories of Social Media Activity

Categories of Social Media Activity

WOAR has organized our main social media efforts into three broad categories. These categories are intended to guide SMAs in crafting social media posts related to WOAR.

Organization activity. Content officially created or disseminated by WOAR. SMAs can use this information to amplify organizational reach by sharing it on their channels.

Commentary. Content officially created or disseminated by WOAR with an added message or comment by an SMA. Commentary should reflect values of WOAR and standards of the SMA program.

Original Messaging. Content or ideas crafted by SMAs. This content should reflect WOAR values and SMA standards. At times, we may ask for modifications or distinctions to be made when original MSA-related activity does not reflect the view of WOAR.

Monthly Topics

WOAR will issue monthly themes for Ambassadors. These topics will help guide the messages crafted by SMAs. The Training & Outreach Coordinator will provide the monthly topic, with resources, approximately one month in advance.


In the event that a SMA receives a disclosure who wishes to have counseling and support, the SMA should gently interrupt that individual and explain that they, a volunteer, do not have the client/counselor privilege and that it would be best for the individual to speak with a trained crisis counselor/advocate who does have this privilege. The SMA should offer the 24-hour Hotline number to the individual: 1-215-985-3333.

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