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Social Media Guidelines

Role of a Social Media Ambassador

The Social Media Ambassadors program is a great responsibility and opportunity to contribute to the anti-sexual violence movement. SMAs do not serve as an official spokesperson for the organization, but as 21st Century grassroots activists. A SMA is asked to speak about, not speak for, WOAR. This allows for a great deal of creativity from SMAs; they do not have to focus on the same level of organizational clearances.

Social Media Ambassadors play a crucial role in supporting our communications by increasing exposure and engagement. WOAR has developed four main responsibilities to achieve this goal.

Sharing and promoting content

SMAs promote timely and relevant content from WOAR including (but not limited to) blog posts, Facebook posts, tweets, etc. This can be done through liking, commenting, retweeting, reposting, and further sharing to enhance the impact of content and messaging. SMAs can also share and promote content from other coalitions, local programs, and allied professionals that mirror the editorial purpose of WOAR. SMAs monitor WOAR’s social media accounts and promote posts as necessary.

Creating original content in support

SMAs may be given the chance to author newsletter posts for WOAR’s newsletter. This material will be edited and approved by the organization prior to posting.

WOAR may also extend invitations to interested SMAs for both local and statewide events, including those hosted by WOAR. SMAs in attendance are encouraged to capture images and activities of the event, including live tweeting.

SMAs may craft personal messages with the #WOARSMA hashtag, provided the message follows the SMA guidelines and aligns with WOAR’s mission. Content should include appropriate links or social media locations, if applicable.

Engaging in discussion

SMAs respond in a timely manner to questions and comments on personal network posts. If the conversation in non-constructive or hostile, SMAs should disengage with the individual.

SMAs should work towards expanding their base by finding persons and organizations of interest to follow and engage with on social media.

Monitoring activity and trends

Staying informed about WOAR events, recent communications, and press releases is a critical part of enhancing awareness. Additionally, SMAs should follow organizations of interest to stay informed about trends in the anti-sexual violence movement.

The Project Coordinator is responsible for tracking SMA participation. As such, SMAs should make all related posts available to WOAR for viewing and tracking.

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