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In order to appropriately monitor the activity of the SMAs, WOAR has developed a point system to assist the SMAs in tracking their participation.

5 points – original content that WOAR has not shared, with #WOARSMA (WOAR may retweet or share depending upon content.)

3 points – sharing a WOAR post with your own additional original commentary

2 points – sharing WOAR content with no additional comment (i.e. retweeting or regramming)

1 point – liking WOAR content

Note – points do not combine. The highest “value” action is the number of points given. (i.e., if you like AND retweet a WOAR tweet, you would receive 2 points, not 2=1 points)

**Total points needed to be in good standing: 10 points/month

Original content creation is encouraged

The Project Coordinator will track all acquired points per volunteer. If unable to meet requirements, the Ambassador will be placed on a one-month probation (unless otherwise specified). If requirements continue to be unmet, WOAR reserves the right to release the Ambassador from the SMA program.

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