Survivor-Advocate Program

Together we are unlocking voices!

Some survivors choose to use the power of their voice and personal story to change lives.

WOAR’s Survivor-Advocate Program has two parts: Survivor Academy and KEYNOTES.

Join Us:

Through Survivor Academy and KEYNOTES, WOAR trains and supports survivors who want to develop their advocacy skills to speak out against sexual violence.

Survivor Academy is a 7-week program where participants attend a weekly class about the fundamentals of advocacy and what it means to become a survivor-advocate.

After graduating from Survivor Academy, participants move into a monthly support group called KEYNOTES where, alongside WOAR staff, they continue to develop their skills as advocates, plan their own advocacy projects, prepare for speaking engagements, and support one another on their journey. KEYNOTES members are invited to share their story and speak out against sexual violence in settings such as: press conferences and newsletters, meetings with elected officials, training programs, social media, and more.

WOAR’s Survivor-Advocate Program is right for people who:

  • Are residents of Pennsylvania
  • Are 18 or older
  • Are survivors of sexual violence, or have been directly impacted by sexual violence (such as the parent of a survivor)
  • Have completed trauma therapy or otherwise know how to process trauma.
  • Are ready and eager to share your story of survival to help create positive change for others.

If you would like to be a part of Survivor Academy 2022, or would like more information, please contact us at with “Survivor Academy” in the subject line.

WOAR will begin interviewing candidates for Survivor Academy 2022 in February/March 2022, and classes will begin in April.

Let your voice soar!