What is street harassment. Fearful woman being followed by 2 strangers.

Street Harassment in Philadelphia

What is Street Harassment? Philadelphia takes street harassment seriously, and several forms of it are deemed …
what is sexual assault

Sexual Violence in Philadelphia

What is sexual violence? Sexual violence is a broad term used to define a variety of …
Cocktails for a Cause at Pyramid Club, Philadelphia

Cocktails for a Cause Was a Success!

On June 21, 2023, WOAR partnered with The Pyramid Club for a happy hour fundraiser that …
NO MORE "We Don't Talk About That"

Sexual Assault in Latino Communities

Sexual Assault in Latino Communities – A Taboo Subject Cristina Perez, Claudia Peregrina, Alba Ambuila, and …

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WOAR counseled me and empowered me. What was done to me – what is done to any survivor – it takes power away from them. What WOAR does is give you the power back. WOAR is my family. They made a change in me and in countless others.

Victoria, Survivor
Crisis Post It Notes 1
Crisis Post It Notes: We are in your Corner, This Storm Shall Pass, You are Strong, Give Tomorrow a Chance, We've BeenThere / We're Here, Nothing is Permanent
Crisis Post It Notes: You Are Heard, You are Enough, There is Hope, Nothing is Permanent, We care about You, We Are Here 4U
You Are Enough, You Are Loved, You Are Not Alone, You Can Get Through This, We are in your Corner, You Matter
Crisis Post It Notes 1
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