Human Trafficking Support

Human Trafficking Support Group

  • Psychoeducational support group for survivors of sex trafficking
  • Group is led by WOAR’s Manager of Anti-Human Trafficking and a WOAR Counselor and will run for approximately 8 weeks
  • 18 and up (all genders welcome!)

At Risk Youth Prevention Program (Not a Number)

  • Human Trafficking Prevention program for at risk youth in the city, total of 5 Modules, each approximately an hour long
  • Ages 12 to 18
  • Not a Number is an interactive child trafficking and exploitation prevention curriculum designed to provide youth with information and skills in a manner that inspires them to make safe choices. Youth learn to identify and utilize healthy support systems that may decrease their vulnerabilities.


  • Training curriculum created for WOAR, trainings available for other organizations, hospitals, law enforcement, etc.
  • Topics include:
    • Human Trafficking 101
    • Sex Trafficking and Sex Work (Full Decriminalization Vs the Equality Model)
    • Pornography, the Sex Industry and Cultural Factors
    • Labor Trafficking
    • Labor and Sex Trafficking Law and Policy
    • Domestic Child Commercial Exploitation
    • Working with Victims/Survivors
    • Media Framing (Campaigns and Awareness)/Harm Reduction

Victim Interviewing

  • Available to assist in victim/survivor interviewing, to identify victims of trafficking and help provide adequate care and referrals

Case Management/Counseling/Therapy

  • Case management on a needed basis
  • Therapy and counseling is available to all victims/survivors of human trafficking

For more information and/or to get signed up for a group or training contact Amber Goltz, Manager of Anti-Human Trafficking –