Sex Trafficking Advocacy and Response Team – START

The START team provides expert, trauma-informed crisis intervention, advocacy and counseling to survivors of sex trafficking in Philadelphia, PA.

Sex trafficking occurs when a person is made to perform a commercial sex act by force, fraud, coercion or when the person is made to perform sex acts is under the age of 18 years old.

Someone who is sex trafficked may be:

  • Controlled by someone else.
  • Sold to have sex by guardians or partners.
  • Forced to have sex with people, work in strip clubs or escort services, or participate in pornographic movies against their will.
  • Forced to prostitute or sell their body and is not allowed to keep the money they earn.
  • A minor is coerced into sex for survival such as receiving food or shelter.

Coming soon in 2021! Human Trafficking Drop-in Center


WOAR 24 Hour Hotline: 215-985-3333