Basic Prevention to Teach Children

1. Teach children about the appropriate names for their body parts.

Although this can feel uncomfortable, this is a basic and powerful prevention tool.  Children who are aware of their bodies are less likely to be a target of an abuser.  This also helps when a child discloses.

2. Teach them the Safe Touch Rule.

  • Your private body parts are between your knees and your nose, where your bathing suit goes!
  • Your body belongs to you, and only you!
  • Kids do not share body parts.
  • If someone tries to touch a kid’s private body parts, kids should yell a loud, “NO!!”
  • Kids should run away and try to get to a safe place.
  • Kids should tell a grown-up that they know and trust.
  • Kids should keep on telling until the touching stops forever.
  • Remember, it’s never your fault!

3. Secrets that make you feel bad, scared, or confused should not be kept.

4. Teach that they have the right to ask questions about puzzling adult behavior.