Education and Outreach Awareness Programs

Education Awareness Programs are single-session workshops and training which cover prevention topics and provide an opportunity for participants to learn prevention strategies.

Workshops are available for schools, colleges/universities/technical institutes, parents, community agencies and professionals.

Topic Areas include

Children and YouthCollege/University and Technical SchoolsCommunity and Professionals
  • Active Bystander Engagement
  • Bullying/Harassment/Sexual Harassment Prevention
  • Consent Education
  • Flirting vs. Hurting
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Life Skills
  • Safe Touch
  • Sexual Violence Prevention
  • Social Media and Internet Safety
  • Understanding Boundaries
  • Sexual Violence 101 College Edition
  • Bringing In Bystander
  • WOAR Services and Support
  • Creating Safe Spaces for Children
  • Talking to Your Child About Sexual Assault
  • Effective Parenting Skills
  • Mandated Reporting
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

For more information and to schedule trainings, complete the online Program Request Form or contact Michael Kellerman at 215-985-3315, ext. 177.