WOAR’s Claudia Peregrino Hosts Mentes Resilientes Radio Show

The passion of Claudia Peregrina-Quintero comes through any time she talks about her work, which makes her the perfect host of Philalatino radio’s show Mentes Resilientes, meaning mental resiliency. Claudia does extensive outreach, referral, and education in Latino communities here in Philadelphia. One platform for getting the message out around sexual assault occurs on a weekly radio show she hosts on Philalatino radio.

Every Friday at 9am, Claudia talks about issues central to migrant and Latino communities regarding sexual violence, prevention, education, etc. Within this she promotes the services of WOAR so that individuals are aware that WOAR offers services for anyone who has suffered sexual abuse. This is not always apparent to people who do not speak English or who are not from the U.S. Broadcast in Spanish, give Claudia’s show a listen to see smart, sensitive, and passionate person out there interacting with the community.

Listen to Claudia’s radio show here.