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Preventing Sexual Violence
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Carolina Villamil-Grest, BS, MSW, PhD

Carolina Villamil-Grest, BS, MSW, PhD

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Carolina Villamil Grest, BS, MSW, PhD is an assistant professor in the School of Social Work of the College of Public Health at Temple University. Her research focuses on realizing health equity among racial and ethnic groups, with a specific focus on Hispanic/Latino/a/x youth and families in the U.S. Applying an ecological and life course perspective, her research examines the structural, social, and intersectional forces that shape both risk and protective behaviors to inform targeted interventions addressing the effects of poverty, stress, violence, and ethnicity on race-based trauma. Ultimately, her research aims to reduce health disparities and enhance the health and well-being of Hispanic/Latino/a/x youth and families. Dr. Villamil Grest looks to highlight community-embedded strengths and achievements which to guide the development and sustainability of culturally grounded prevention interventions for Hispanic/Latino/a/x youth and families.

Prior to joining the School of Social Work, Carolina received her PhD in social work from the University of Southern California and her MSW from Catholic University. During her doctoral studies, Dr. Villamil Grest was a fellow supported by the Council on Social Work Education Minority Fellowship Program. Her work is inspired by practice as a licensed clinical social worker for over seven years in various interdisciplinary settings, where she used a trauma-informed perspective and wellness frameworks to support the needs of immigrant children, youth and families.