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Preventing Sexual Violence
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Leah Hynansky, BA

Leah Hynansky, BA

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Leah Hynansky (They/Them) is a grateful member of the Advisory Council for The Salvation Army’s New Day to Prevent Trafficking. Leah is unwavering in their dedication to help other survivors and also volunteers their time with WOAR anti-human trafficking and Redeemed for a Cause Outreach. Anti-human trafficking work is Leah’s life’s calling. They are intensely dedicated to working for justice and advocacy for others with a particular determination to bring to public attention an understanding of the horrific crime of human trafficking, a crime whose cruelty level is so intense and profitable that it is often hidden in plain sight to avoid profit loss. Education is essential to protect the human rights of those trapped in trafficking. Leah is honored to help anyone find a way out and a path to a life of safety, serenity, care, self-respect, self-love, spiritual strength, and peace. They know that changes in corporate structure must happen and that speaking out against human trafficking, and the corporate and social structures that support it, will provide a safer and more peaceful world so that children can safely grow, learn, thrive and ultimately participate wholly and happily in a better society. Leah is a Ukrainian-American and holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Ithaca College but has spent most of their life unlearning the traumatic neurological patterns put in place by their trafficking experiences. Singing was Leah’s way to joy, healing and survivorship. To balance and buoy their life, health and spirit, Leah enjoys dragon boating, crochet and their cat Satya. Leah’s core values are trust, peace and love for all so that the world can be a place of safety, respect, hope and care.