Special Projects


SAFE BARS is part of WOAR’s Safer Philadelphia initiative. Its aim is to equip bars and other alcohol-serving establishments with strategies to prevent sexual harassment and alcohol-facilitated sexual violence.

Bar Keeps, managers and servers participate in a two-hour training to learn effective prevention strategies to maintain a safe environment for patrons and how to effectively intervene if a patron is being sexually harassed. Bars and alcohol-serving establishments which participate in the SAFE BARS training receive a one-year certification and Safe Bars Swag Kit.

For more information or to sign up for a training please visit here.

Healthy Masculinity Initiative (HMI)

The Healthy Masculinity Initiative is an education and outreach program that facilitates guided discussions in safe spaces about masculinity, traditional male gender roles, and sexual violence prevention. HMI supports males in the development of emotional literacy as well as aligning males as allies to prevent sexual violence.

HMI also provides educational workshops to train males in sexual violence prevention strategies. HMI works with individuals and male servicing organizations throughout Philadelphia.

For more information about HMI please contact the Program Coordinator, Levone Cannady, at levone@woar.org.

The lotus. Program

The lotus. program promotes services for LGBTQ+ victim/survivors of sexual assault including individual and group counseling. The lotus. Program also provides cultural competency training to providers who would like to strengthen their skills to work with the LGBTQ+ Community.

Latinx/a/o Community Work

WOAR trabaja en la comunidad latina tanto en persona como en línea para obtener más recursos de información para la comunidad Latinx, haga clic aquí.

For more information and to schedule trainings, complete the online Program Request Form or contact Michael Kellerman at 215-985-3315, ext. 177.