Title IX Training

Title IX Training for Schools, Colleges, Universities & Technical Institutes

The Education and Training Department conducts Title IX Training for area colleges/universities and technical institutes for students and professional development for faculty and Campus Law Enforcement/Safety Teams. These are some of our training topics:

Understanding Consent and the Law

The issue of consent must be clearly and mutually understood between dating partners. When should consent be obtained, who’s responsibility is it to obtain consent and what consent is and is not form the foundation of this training.

Sexual Assault 101

Sexual Assault 101 is a comprehensive training that provides clarity regarding what is sexual violence, examines the mindsets that promote sexual violence, the legal repercussions that offenders face, why counseling is vital in the recovery process of sexual violence, how to support a survivor of sexual violence and active bystander intervention.

Becoming an Active Bystander

All of us have witnessed conflicts or unacceptable behaviors; however, few know how to safely intervene to stop a potentially harmful situation. It is vital to everyone’s safety to play a part in making social changes and establishing what is right. Becoming an Active Bystander is a method of harassment intervention that will teach skills that encourage everyone to pay attention and to safely take action if they see someone being placed in an uncomfortable situation.

Please call 215-985-3333 for more information and to sign up for Title XI Training.