WOAR Has a Secret to Share

Good Morning #WOARRIORS!

Today is a BIG day for us here at WOAR.

Tonight, we will honor three remarkable #WOARRIORSNBC 10’s Tracy DavidsonCouncilmember Blondell Reynolds-Brown and Councilmember Helen Gym for their continuous support of our mission and those we serve.

But that’s not the secret.

Since 1971, our organization has been known as WOAR – Women Organized Against RapeWOAR was originally founded by a group of women volunteering in a small room of a hospital and has grown to an organization, staffed by 33 individuals who are committed to guiding survivors on their healing journey.

A lot has changed over the years regarding sexual violence especially in the last few years. As the conversation about sexual violence evolves so do organizations who provide services to those who are impacted.

WOAR has been evolving and today so will our name. 

We are excited to officially announce that WOAR – Women Organized Against Rape will be now known as:

WOAR – Philadelphia Center Against Sexual Violence

WOAR - Philadelphia Center Against Sexual Violence