Male Sexual Violence

About Male Sexual Violence

Men experience sexual violence at higher rates than people realize or talk about. Often times these assaults occur before the age of 18 and the boy/man knows his attacker.

The Facts

  • Men can be raped as adults and sexually abused as children.
  • Men experience the same symptoms women do after being sexually abused.
  • It is just as important for a man to receive counseling for sexual trauma as it is for a woman.
  • Sexual abuse does not cause homosexuality.
  • Being abused as a child does not mean you will grow up to be a perpetrator.

What can be unique for male survivors

  • Men may not seek counseling/support as often as women, especially for issues of sexual abuse.
  • Belief in societal myths that men always want sex and would never refuse a sexual encounter.
  • Agreement with societal notions that early sexual experiences are a ‘normal’ part of a boy’s life.
  • Males may question their sexual orientation if they were sexually abused by a man.
  • Men may experience confusion and anger over loss of control of their body and any physical response they had to the assault.

Additional resources for men

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