Support Services For Parents

Support Services for Parents, Care Givers, and Loved Ones

When a child is sexually abused, families are changed.

Support Services for Parents at WOAR

For parents and care givers, it can be overwhelming, confusing, and a time of anguish. Families who have gone through this have also experienced hope, recovery, and growth – even though the emotional scars of the abuse remain. We can help.

WOAR offers services to loved ones of those who have experienced sexually violence.

For parents and care givers:

  • Our 24-HR Crisis Hotline is available for support and information.
  • Counseling can be provided to offer education about childhood sexual abuse, coping skills, and how to support your child and yourself.
  • If your child is working with one of our therapists, you have the option of working with your child’s therapist either individually or in family counseling sessions.

For other loved ones:

  • Our 24-HR Crisis Hotline is available for support and information.
  • Therapy can be provided to offer education, coping skills, and how to support your loved one and yourself.

What can caregivers do to help?

  1. Caregivers can encourage their children to talk positively about themselves while reminding them how brave they were to tell.
  2. Caregivers can encourage children to write or draw pictures of their feelings.
  3. Caregivers can provide their children with a safe environment.
  4. Caregivers shouldn’t force their children to talk about the abuse; instead, they should be willing to listen when the child brings it up.
  5. Caregivers can arrange an interesting activity or special event for the child to enjoy with family.
  6. Caregivers need to remember to take care of themselves so that they can be at their best for their children.

For more information see What is Childhood Sexual Assault and Counseling for Children.

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