WOAR 24 Hour Hotline: 215-985-3333

WOAR’s Education Department

Promoting Primary Prevention to End Sexual Violence

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, sexual violence is a public health epidemic.  Stopping sexual violence before it happens is the focus of WOAR’s Education and Training Department.

Working with youth and adults, WOAR promotes mutual respect, healthy lifestyles, safe decision making, quality life skills and active bystander intervention.

 To schedule trainings please complete the online Program Request Form For additional information or have questions regarding WOAR’s education programs and trainings, please contact Teresa White, Director of Education Services at 215-985-3315 ext. 192 or email at Teresa@woar.org


Honorariums support WOAR’s efforts to provide free-of-charge counseling and treatment for survivors of sexual assault and sexual abuse.

Todos nuestros servicios están disponibles en español, por favor no dude en llamarnos al 215-985-3315 en extensión 180, o simplemente llenar el siguiente formulario.  Los honorarios para los servicios en WOAR son libres de cargo, consejería y tratamiento para sobrevivientes de abuso y as alto sexual.